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I have a set fee for just about everything I do.  My normal rate is $75 per hour  but many estimates are adjusted based on complexity and not an hourly rate. Just call or email me and I can answer any pricing questions you may have.  

All estimates are free and any work will have a minimum $75 fee.  All materials purchased are charged to the customer with no mark up.  I will provide receipts when requested.

I am not bonded.  I do almost all work myself, though I sometimes must subcontract certain tasks. However, the customer will always know in advance if something is subcontracted. Because I have no employees, I do not carry a bond.  I do carry a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy that covers me for any work I perform.

Oklahoma does not have a handyman or contractor license.  I also do not have a plumbing or electrical license.  I do know the codes and keep up with them.  I do a lot of plumbing and electrical, mostly repairs and upgrades (i.e. plugs, light fixtures and faucets, etc.) but I am not licensed.

I do almost anything inside or out except HVAC.  If I do not know how, or If I am not comfortable, with something I will let you know.  I do not try to perform work I am not qualified for or do not know how to do.  The majority of my work is repairs and upgrades.

I accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express.  All credit cards transactions are charged a 3% convenience fee.

I have a BS in Criminal Justice Mgmt and Ethics and have a law enforcement background.  I have been doing remodels and "flipping" for 4 years.  I started GHR in January 2007 as my full-time occupation because there was need for good, honest, and dependable handyman in the area.

I can but I usually stay away from larger projects.  So much of my business is small jobs that when accepting large jobs puts me behind schedule and could cause a delay in assisting other customers.  However, please contact me because there are times when I am able to work on larger projects.  I can be your general contractor on large projects.

Then contact David with any questions that you may have. 405-844-2065